Ginette Lapalme is an illustrator and artist currently
living in Toronto with Washington (pictured above).

Her client list includes The Walrus Magazine,
Threadless, Vice Magazine, Kraft,
Circo De Bakuza and Fuzzy Logic Recordings.



2011 & upcoming
100 Euro Show, W+K Gallery, Amsterdam Secret Shame, Woweezonk Editors' Group show, LE Gallery, Toronto
Game Over 4, Group show, Giant Robot, San Francisco

The Unicorn, Narwhal Art Projects, Toronto
The Dazzle, Narwhal Art Projects, Toronto
Small Press Schooner, Woweezonk Curated, TCAF, Toronto

Spelunkin with Kulkin Installation, Canzine, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto
Curvy Show Launch, Magic Pony, Toronto
Little Known Artifacts, OCAD Student Gallery, Toronto
Suicide Pact, curated by Woweezonk Collective, Toronto
Story Motel, Owl & Lion Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland
Zine Room, curated by Woweezonk Collective, Toronto Comic Arts Festival, Toronto
Woweezonk 2 launch, Woweezonk Collective, Keep6 Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Halo Halo Fundraiser & Exhibition, Curated by Jeff Garcia 401 Richmond, Toronto
Life Drawing, Magic Pony, Toronto

Stay Gold, Magic Pony, Toronto
Free Drawings III, Exhibition and Publication Launch, XPace, Toronto
Free Drawings I, Exhibition and Publication Launch, XPace, Toronto
Woweezonk Vol. 1, Toronto


Magic Pony, Narwhal Art Projects, The Dazzle Book, 2010
En Marge, Les Cacahiers de L'articho, Vol. 2. France 2010
French Fourch, Mewnette Lapalmew, Montreal 2010
Woweezonk vol. 3. Toronto: self published 2010
Gill, Jesjit. Free Drawings 7. Toronto: Self published, 2010
Woweezonk vol.2. Toronto: self published, 2009
Gill, Jesjit. Free Drawings III. Toronto: Self published, 2008
Gill, Jesjit. Free Drawings I. Toronto: Self published, 2008
Woweezonk Vol.1. Toronto: Self published, 2008